Benefits of prefabricated structure
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Benefits of prefabricated structure

Cost, Durability, Insulation and Quickness ... And there are more to it.

Pre-engineered metal building's demand is on rise due to the fact that it takes very less time to install and offer great benefits. (Winslows) is one of the best metal carport building company providing all the benefits of a metal structures to its clients at affordable prices. More and more people are turning to us for getting their structure done because of our over 30 years of experience in the field along with professional design staff and experienced installers to give shape to your dream structure. Metal structures has spectacular advantages from quality to cost over other types of structures.

We have built and installed over 8,000 structures like carports, barns, garages, storage building, combo building, utility building, warehouses, industrial building and other commercial buildings.


There is not doubt that prefabricated metal buildings are durable and made to stand for long time to come. Being a metal, they are strong to withstand against rain, snow, high wind, snow or even earth quake. To prevent rusting and make it last even longer, an aluminium coating is applied to the metal paneling to prevent it from rusting, which will increase the life of metal structure. These prefabricated metal buildings are fire resistance and they can withstand high heat generated from fire and could not be destroyed in the event. Thus chemical can be stored without any worry that they can catch fire in the event or fire break in the building.

Speed of installation

Quick assembly is what makes prefabricated building a great choice in emergency requirements. When other traditional building may take 3-4 weeks of construction, it can take no more than couple to few days to construct the entire prefabricated metal building. All the cutting, paneling, drilling holes, welding is already completed at the manufacturing site. Then the individual components are assembled at the actual installation location. As the building can be erected by anyone with little or no prior experience, so you save on labor cost as well.


Beside being quick to install, prefabricated buildings are cheaper than normal or other types of buildings. They cost much less than other types of buildings. Normal construction can encounter delay in construction due to unavoidable conditions, but in case of prefabricated structure no such delays occur. All cost are clearly defined in the initial stage so when assembled there are no surprise cost involved. Also with help of one or two person one can easily assemble these structure themselves so saving a lot on labor cost as well.

Protection or Insulation

Insulation is one another benefit of prefabricated buildings. Paneling is made it so that they overlap when assembled so making it perfect place to insulate the building. This will not leave any opening, thus making is tight insulated building from outside conditions. This insulation keeps the building cooler in hot weather and warmer in winter, thus saving further on artificial insulation costs you might need to install for other types of buildings.

So if any of above falls in your requirements for a building then prefabricated building is for you. If you need a quote of prefabricated building then please call at (800) 636-4700 or fill prefabricated metal carport quote to get estimate of your building.