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What are my Carport Design Options ?

Sometimes you must have realized that your garage is full of other things than your vehicles, or it is too small to accommodate all vehicles or you do not have a carport at all. Then adding a carport to your existing property is a great way to protect your vehicles. It can protect your vehicle from hot sun in summer, keep it dry when it rain and keep snow, storm, hails and other external environment factors away from your vehicle and increase their life.

Carport can be defined broadly as an unenclosed structure with a roof above to protect at least one vehicle from environment factors. When deciding on getting a carport for your, you would want to work with a company such as ours WetalCarportBuildingsInTexas.com (Winslows). Sometimes depending upon your area in USA you need to adhere to certain rules and regulations like size of the building, area, location and distance from other structure. You need to check on local government rules and regulations before committing to any design.


Carport needs to consider

You need to ask few question to yourself before going to get a carport

  • How many vehicles you want to accommodate in your carport

  • Where is the space available

  • How much space is needed for the structure

  • Will the carport be attached to existing structure or will be a standalone structure

  • What will be the maintenance cost of the carport

As a home owner you might have high expectations from your structure, but you should need to bear in mind to balance what is possible, allowed and affordable for your requirements. We recommend you to drive around your area to get inspiration on what design can fit your requirements.

Additionally you may want to add good lightening to your carport that you can lit in dark and work during overcast sky or at night if you need to do any repair or cleaning wok on your vehicle. Even solar panel is a good option these days, that can give you free power for your carport at cheap cost.

Maintenance requires time to time cleaning of the carport, check for any dents or crack if any though modern metal carport are made to last many years without any real maintenance. The other maintenance cost can be that of repainting the carport if you ever want to change its look in future.

Material used in carports

You need to choose the material for your carport carefully and can make a big difference in the way it lasts, look and how feasible it is. Weather consideration is one of the most important factors that you need to consider before finalizing the material of your carport. Carport can be made of metal, steel, treated timber or a high grade durable plastic. All these materials are good way to maintain new look of the structure for long time to come. If you are going to have a attached carport then you would prefer to have same color or similar material to be used for the carport as well.

Pressure treated timber or high grade metal / steel carports are being preferred these days, which can create functional, aesthetically pleasing and durable carport structure.

If you are looking to build a carport or any other structure then look no further and call us at (800) 636-4700 or fill in the online carport quote and get estimated of your building