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Horse Barns & Shop Buildings

Available in Texas, Oklahoma & Louisiana

Whether you're raising horses or livestock, need convenient storage for machinery or farm equipment or want to build the ultimate workshop or hobby area, Winslows Custom Buildings has the right building for your needs! Choose from our custom steel buildings or opt for more traditional wood-framed construction with our pole barns.

Winslow understands the importance of providing a safe building for horses and a stylish facility for their owners. Our building components have been proven to stand up to the abuse that horses inflict on their surroundings. The building’s layout, ventilation and overall functionality are also taken into consideration throughout your project. We know how much your barn means to you. This is the place you've been dreaming of and working for—a place where you can keep your horses safe and oversee their care..

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If you're looking for professional horse barn & Shops builders with years of experience behind them, you've come to the right place.Whether you're planning to build a professional facility or a private retreat, we are here to guide you on that journey
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We have over 29 locations to serve your better. So you can be sure that you get all the services you are looking for without and delay or lapse. Built Facility available in Texas, Oklahoma & Louisiana.
Our Promise To You
We know affordability and quality are essential and we give you this assurance by doing what we do best in building carports, garages and portable outdoor shelters. The variety of shop and horse barn options provide many customizable options to choose from.
Plan Service
We provide a complete Plan Drawing Service with submission of, and the monitoring for approval through Council with all the associated reports required for approval before working on your building project, for all projects requiring that service including, Carports, Patio Extensions and Additions, Garages, Decking etc.
What We Believe Is
Affordability and quality is a must to have, and we do that by doing what we do best in. You'll benefit from our many years of experience. We've manufactured and installed the finest carport & garage products for thousands of satisfied customers. Our commitment is to give you the best possible building product at the best possible price and it doesn't end there.
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We pride ourselves on giving you the best customer service, excellent prices and a finished job you can be proud of! What are you waiting for? Give us a call today for a free quote!

Wide Selection of Carports & Garages in Texas

Winslows Steel Buildings offer a wide selection of custom horse barn, equipment sheds, loafing sheds, carports and garages styles including metal carports, carport kits and steel carports. Our other products include buildings, which encompasses garages, storage sheds, metal buildings, steel buildings, portable buildings, wood buildings,barns, shops, portable buildings and vinyl buildings.

We will customize your barn it to fit your horses needs and make you happy and proud owner of the horse barn. You can also choose from a variety of building styles. We make sure that we use only the top quality construction materials and professional building staff ensure that you will get a building that you can be proud of for years to come. Every Customer is important to us and we strives to provide the best building solutions along with an excellent customer experience

Let's build your dream horse barn

We're as serious about barns as you are about horses.

Winslow been building and producing horse barns since 1987, adding new models in response to our customers' needs and preferences. We bring those 25 years of experience to the table to help you find the perfect structure for your project. We understand the many unique requirements of building safe, efficient, healthy and attractive horse barns.

phorse barn builder in texas

Whether you need secure shelter for your horses or other livestock or want to build the ultimate workshop or hobby area, our horse barn designs offer versatile features to suit almost any need. Built from heavy-gauge galvanized steel, your new horse barn can be built in sizes ranging from 36'x 26' to 48'x51'. Add optional lean-to structures on either side for equipment storage, tack room or other storage needs.

Our Staff can either start from scratch or enhance the beauty and functionality of your original design ideas to turn your design into reality. Winslow custom Building Company is intent to design and build a custom horse barn to satisfy any desire. We have many great options available to personalize your horse barn. Horse stalls, tack rooms, feed rooms, wash racks, Dutch doors, Dutch windows, crossbuck doors, run-out sheds, riding arenas and more.

We know that every horse owner wants the best for his or her horses. That's why it is so important to find an experienced Horse Barn Builder you can trust when building your Horse Stables. With over 25 years into this business, Winslow has built a reputation for Integrity, quality and value that is as solid as our construction. From the very simplest looking horse barn to grand stables, there is a reason that our barns are coveted all over USA and carry the marks of ingenuity and unique, stunning features that you and your horses will love for years to come. At Winslow Construction, we don't expect customers to compromise or make sacrifices but best is what we strive for. We build fine-quality horse barns, and horse stalls that will not only last a lifetime, but are carefully designed and constructed to meet your individual needs and choices.

Equipment Storage Options

Protecting your equipment from the environment & elements and preserving lifetime use and durability makes purchasing a metal storage building a sound investment. Protect vital equipment from the hot Texas sun, rain and wind with an equipment shed from Winslows Custom Buildings. Designed to hold farm equipment, tractors, bulldozers and other machinery, our all-steel constructed equipment sheds can be built completely enclosed or with convenient openings to accommodate the needs of larger equipment.

equipment shed building builder in texas

Every farm has them...that signature metal farm building or two to store all the equipment that makes for a successful farm. Are your current equipment storage buildings on their last leg? You can't afford to keep your brand new machinery in your old farm buildings, that allow every animal and insect inside. We realize your need affordable farm equipment storage, made with the highest quality of materials. Our designers can help you with a custom layout that fulfill all your needs. Winslow Equipment Storage buildings are built to last with its double truss design specifically engineered to meet your local building codes


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Loafing Sheds (Enclosures)

Give your horses a safe place to relax in the shade or wait out a passing shower or thunderstorm. Our loafing sheds are enclosed on 3 sides and feature an open area for easy access. Our loafing sheds can also be used for open-air equipment storage for boats, vehicles or farm equipment.

loafing Shed is also known as 3-sided ENCLOSURES, these barns have one or more stalls side by side, most often with wall sheeting on three sides. There are many options available, such as partial or full sheeting on all sides, feeders, feed doors, tack and hay rooms, and color sheeting. The Loafing Shed has been around forever. We did not design it, but we definitely improved it a lot to suit todays requirement. The loafing shed has the same wall construction as the Classic Barns and can be built in any size or configuration to fit your every need. The Loafing Shed offers shelter for horses and livestock with an all metal exterior for years of maintenance-free service. WE offer various varieties of Loafing sheds and customize them according to your need in no time. We make sure that we provide quality and affordable sheds to all our customers

loafing shed builder in texas, lousiana

We use only the top quality construction materials and professional building staff to ensure that you will get a building that you can be proud of for years to come. Every Customer is important to us and we strives to provide the best loafing shed building solutions along with an excellent customer experience.

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Winslow Custom Building specializes in high quality carports, enclosed garages, sheds, portable buildings, barns, shops and storage buildings. When it comes to protecting your investments from the elements Winslow has you covered. We have every type of building to meet your needs. They are available in regular style carport (Barn Roof Carport), Boxed Eave style carport (A-Frame Roof Carport), and Vertical Roof Carport (A-Frame with Vertical Roof which helps the snow slide off). Cover your valuable items the easy way with a metal carport.

When working with Winslow Custom Building, you have the advantages of