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Metal & Steel Building Kits

Available in Texas, Oklahoma & Louisiana

Whether you want to save a ton of money on your new building, love do-it-yourself projects or live in an area outside our delivery area in Texas or Oklahoma, our metal building kits might be the perfect solution for your needs!

Our easy-to-assemble steel building kits come with everything you need to assemble your new building quickly and easily. You don't need a ton of building experience. All you need is 2 people and a few basic tools. Our metal building kits can usually be completely assembled over a weekend!

And no matter if you are a homeowner looking to add value and space to your property with a carport or garage, a consumer hoping to construct a cheap metal building for use as a storage shed or workshop, or a farmer looking to achieve an easy-to-assemble barn and storage building for equipment and supplies – steel building kits are an affordable option to owning a high-quality storage structure.

Metal has been the leading choice for small residential building construction for going on 50 years and current trends show that percentage increasing even more now as more people become aware of metal’s benefits.

You will Build it Yourself

with winslow steel & metal building kit

  • Build a carport in an afternoon or a building over the weekend with our easy to follow kit
  • Personalize your building by adding windows, doors and many other accessories according to your needs
  • Be proud because your building kit is made in the USA
  • Enjoy the strength, safety and quality of an engineered steel building

Wide Selection

Winslows Steel Buildings offer a wide selection of custom Pole barn, equipment sheds, loafing sheds, carports and garages styles including metal carports, carport kits and steel carports. Our other products include buildings, which encompasses garages, storage sheds, metal buildings, steel buildings, portable buildings, wood buildings,barns, shops, portable buildings and vinyl buildings.

The company-owned construction crews have extensive experience in pole barn construction and take great pride in their work. Their superior craftsmanship ensures that customers get an attractive, high-quality building that will fit their needs. Of equal importance is the quality of the materials that goes into every building we build. We search into the selection of the materials used in construction to ensure that our structures will maintain their appearance, quality and functionality for many years to come.

Our Steel & Metal clients keep coming back because they know they will find the lowest prices around on the buildings that match their lifestyle, budget and expectations. Saving money is a means to helping our customers live better. By offering the best possible prices on the steel & metal buildings our customers need, we can help them afford something a little extra.

High Quality Buildings
We design and build pole barns and metal/steel buildings for a variety of industries and applications. Today, our customers associate Winslow Custom Buildings brand with top quality and functionality - all at an affordable price.
Many Locations
We have over 29 locations to serve your better. So you can be sure that you get all the services you are looking for without and delay or lapse. Built Facility available in Texas, Oklahoma & Louisiana.
Our Promise To You
We know affordability and quality are essential and we give you this assurance by doing what we do best in building carports, garages and portable outdoor shelters. The variety of shop and horse barn options provide many customizable options to choose from.
Plan Service
We provide a complete Plan Drawing Service with submission of, and the monitoring for approval through Council with all the associated reports required for approval before working on your building project, for all projects requiring that service including, Carports, Patio Extensions and Additions, Garages, Decking etc.
What We Believe Is
Affordability and quality is a must to have, and we do that by doing what we do best in. You'll benefit from our many years of experience. We've manufactured and installed the finest carport & garage products for thousands of satisfied customers. Our commitment is to give you the best possible building product at the best possible price and it doesn't end there.
Call Us - (800) 636-4700
We pride ourselves on giving you the best customer service, excellent prices and a finished job you can be proud of! What are you waiting for? Give us a call today for a free quote!

We are committed to delivering our customers a better building experience. The following items help us achieve this goal:

  • Prompt return call from initial contact
  • On-site visit and quick follow-up
  • We listen to customer's needs and designs for attractiveness and functionality keeping in mind the budget and needs
  • Design flexibility, and able to meet a given construction time-line
  • Building delivered on time with all material shipped complete with no damage from shipping
  • Construction starts soon after delivery and the crew continuously works on this project until it is completed ontime
  • Our crew is professional, courteous, accountable, dependable, friendly, respectful and hard working
  • Our crew cleans up the job site at the completion of the job
  • All punch-list items are addressed immediately and any minor tweaking of components are dealt with in a timely manner

Metal Building Kits That Are Easy to Build

Considering building a storage shed, a garage, wood shop, RV garage, a boat building or any other type of small residential building?

Our metal building kits come in a variety of styles and models to fit your most of purpose, taste, and budget. Our metal buildings kits are capable of manufacturing everything from light residential use to heavy-use commercial applications. As a matter of fact metal has been the leading choice for small residential building construction for going on 50 years and current trends show that percentage increasing even more now as more people become aware of metal’s benefits.

Wide Variety of Choice Available

We offer a wide variety of sizes, styles, and models from which to choose. We manufacture base styles, each of which can be sized and customized in hundreds of ways according to your requirements.

We also provide custom sizing and specifications for our customers. Over the years we have been confide to design and formulate many different types and styles of metal structures, including buildings with gambrel roofs, sloped roofs with mansard eaves, portable buildings and just about everything you can imagine. You have this advantages of working with actual manufacturer.

Easy to Install

Our metal buildings kits are designed for the DIY’er (Do it Yourself). We engineer all our steel building systems to be do-it-yourselfer friendly. We make sure that each building kit is associated with complete instructions in details. Our instructions are simple to follow, and well-illustrated so it’s easy to see what’s being talked about, every step of the way.

  • Complete and well-illustrated instructions included with each building kit
  • On-site visit and quick follow-up
  • Easy to handle parts for less user wear and tear.
  • No hard to find tools needed for assembly.
  • No unwieldy, large lifting equipment on most sizes.
  • Complete step by step video series, which is accessible by smart phone on the job site.

We always try that DIY's already have tools that are required to construct the building so that there is no need to buy new.

Hight Quality Frame System

High-Quality American-Made Steel Frame System
  • We do not use foreign-made steel that we could buy at cheaper rates as it does not meet the high standards of technical specifications required.
  • Our metal frame system kit is referred to as a stand-alone frame. This means that you can use a metal frame, and then install your choice of exterior to it in addition to various other options like doors, windows, vents etc. You are also free to use wood, stucco, brick, and the like. All you have to do is order one of our metal building kits.
  • Winslow Custom Building provides the superior system for your steel building kit.

Various Sizes and Styles to fit your space and needs

Our metal garages are available in widths up to 40′ wide; standard lengths start at 20′ and increase in 4’or 5′ increments until you run out of land. Our metal garages are offered in standard heights starting at an eave height of 7.5′ and can be increased in 1′ increments up to a 15.5′ eave height. A 15.5′ eave height can give you clearance of 15′-4″ on a 40′ wide garage!

Our custom steel buildings and metal buildings perfect for the do-it-yourselfer. Our custom, pre-fabricated steel buildings can accommodate every need from business to residential. We feature steel sheds, steel garages, steel barns, steel mini-storage, steel churches, steel homes, steel industrial shops, and steel agricultural buildings.

Want a Real Person?

Please call us toll-free at (800) 636-4700 with any questions or quote needs! We are here to help. Customer service and pricing available from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

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Winslow Custom Building specializes in high quality carports, enclosed garages, sheds, portable buildings, barns, shops and storage buildings. When it comes to protecting your investments from the elements Winslow has you covered. We have every type of building to meet your needs. They are available in regular style carport (Barn Roof Carport), Boxed Eave style carport (A-Frame Roof Carport), and Vertical Roof Carport (A-Frame with Vertical Roof which helps the snow slide off). Cover your valuable items the easy way with a metal carport.

When working with Winslow Custom Building, you have the advantages of